For the foreseeable future we're all going to be spending a lot of time at home, but if you're in the UK you have been given the life line of being allowed to exercise outside once a day (Hallelujah!!).

Everyone needs to be looking after themselves right now, and while we haven’t got all the answer, we believe we have some great products that can help. From immune support, healthy snacking, exercise fuel to just pure morale food; we’ve put together our top 5 products that are helping us through isolation. Hopefully they can help you too!

Lime Flavoured Super Greens


Food Supplement
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1. Super Greens

If, like us,  you’ve been struggling to get your hands on fresh fruit and vegetables then our Super Greens can deliver what your missing. This superfood blend is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. Basically a huge immune supporter at a time when maintaining good health is extremely important.

You can just mix 1 scope into a glass of water or we like to add it into a morning fruit smoothie. It’s one of the products alot of professional athletes use when travelling when fresh fruit and veg isn’t always to hand, so during this time when we’re limited by what we can buy, this might be a real help.

Blackcurrant Hydro Tab


Hydro Tab
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2. Hydro Tabs

One area often overlooked by people is hydration, when infact it can have so many benefits!! Not only can it improve your sporting performance, but also how you feel and your concentration levels.

For those upping their indoor training, popping a Hydro Tab in your bottle will aid hydration and help you replace the salts and fluid lost through sweating. Also did you know as little as 2% loss of body weight through dehydration can negatively affect your sporting performance? Now a 2% loss is hardly anything; an amount easily lost during a sweaty session. Always have a drink to hand when training.

For those working from home, did you know our brains are about 70% water (while our bodies are generally about 50–75%). Much like sporting performance, small amounts of dehydration can still influence our mood, considerably reduce alertness and affect our cognitive function. There are enough distractions at home as it is, don’t let dehydration lead you down the unproductive path.

We advise keeping a bottle in arms reach and as soon as it gets empty, fill it up! The addition of a Hydro Tab will aid rehydration, better than just water alone. It’s the added electrolytes that help your body draw the fluid into your system. And don’t worry, there’s only 7kcal per tab!


Health & Immune

Health & Immune

Vitamin and Antioxidant Capsules
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3. Health & Immune

At times that when we are most at risk of picking up an illness, our Health & Immune capsules are what we reach for. We’re definitely not saying they will help prevent you getting Coronavirus, but they can help fend off any other unwanted bugs that might be around. The capsules contains functional ingredients such as probiotics, to help to maintain gut health and function, and pine bark extract, a powerful anti-oxidant that helps blood flow.

A word of warning to anyone continuing to train very hard at this time. The harder you push yourself in training over back to back days, the more compromised your immune system becomes. We’re all for staying active, but now may not be the time for putting in a big block of intense training, as much as it’s tempting. We’ll be supporting the activity we’re doing with a healthy balanced diet and two capsules of Health & Immune a day; that should help keep bugs away (sadly not viruses).

Anytime Bar Mixed Box x30


Anytime Bar
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4. Anytime Bar

Our Anytime Bars are a 100% natural flapjack; and a great option to have in your cupboard at this time.

They can help fuel your exercise, either as a pre-session carbohydrate boost or some slow release energy during a longer session. Whether you’re on bike or on foot, our Anytime Bars don’t disappoint when it comes to delivering fuel and morale (they’re delicious!!)

They also come in handy as a healthy mid morning or afternoon snack when your taking on your working day from home. Grab a 11am coffee and an Anytime Bar pick-me-up and the rest of the day will sail by. No hidden nasties, just all natural, gluten free ingredients; we even have two vegan flavours.

Protein Bar Mixed Box

Protein Bar Mixed Box

Protein Bars
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5. Protein Bar

However if you feel like you’re constantly raiding the cupboards while at home, try opting for high protein snacks as these will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Our Protein Bars contain 20g of high quality protein, less than 2g of sugar and only contain around 200kcal. So these can make a perfect mid-morning snack, especially if you’ve already done a workout that day. Oh and they’re delicious too, so can be a real morale boost during a long day at work.

Adding protein snacks to your day has also be found to help with recovery post exercise. Having a portion of protein little and often, as oppose to all at once, means our body is supplied with a steady flow of the ‘building blocks’ needed to help repair our muscles. Another reason why adding some protein to your day can be very beneficial.

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