Recently, we were lucky enough to shadow OTE Fuelled Georgia Taylor-Brown for a day of training in Leeds. As one of Team GB's start triathlete's we were really interested to see what Georgia's average day consisted of & what it takes to be one of the Worlds best athletes.

What Does Your Training Look Like?

A key day for me is a Thursday. I have a threshold swim in the morning and straight off the back of that I do an easy 50 minute run. It’s quite hard to do a long run off the back of a hard swim but it’s good for me to practise running tired so when it comes to the back end of a race and I’m tired I know I can push through.

After this I head home for breakfast, and a quick nap and then wake up, with coffee, make lunch and put my feet up before a bike session. At the minute we are on the bike circuit in the evening doing race pace efforts with technical parts but soon we will add chain gang in which I always love. I usually do a quick run off the back of the bike session, maybe something like 3×1 minute hard, 3 minutes tempo, again just to practise running off the bike with tired legs. Then i head home, take in some protein (bar or shake depending on how fragile I am feeling), shower and get some grub in me!

Day done, time to prepare for Friday!

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How do you plan your food around your day's training?

I have to be well prepared for my Thursdays because I have 2 key sessions in there and don’t have much time at home.

Before i leave for swim I have some toast and a green tea on my way to swimming, after swim I have an OTE Anytime Bar (banana or apple and cinnamon for me). Before I head out on my run I try to make sure I have finished my 750ml bottle of fluid.

Post run I head home and have porridge with a banana and a cup of tea, then jump into bed. I wake up and have a coffee and then make lunch. I try mix lunches up but at the minute I love ham and cheese omlettes on some toast with avocado and a glass of orange juice. It’s quick and easy and has everything I need to fuel me.

An hour before I leave for my bike session I have a little snack: tea loaf/scone/peanut butter & jam on toast plus a banana. I know I will be out for a while with the bike session so I use the OTE Energy Drink in my 750ml bottle, plus a smaller bottle of water. I also take a Duo Bar with me and an OTE Energy Gel: the Energy Gel to consume during the session to practise for race days and the Duo Bar if i get a bit peckish on my ride home. Once I’m home its easy to get an OTE Protein Bar or Recovery Shake in me before I shower. And on busy days I will have something prepared for dinner before leaving on the bike: a slow cooked joint or a pasta sauce pre made.

What is your go to breakfast on a big training day?

I love porridge and a banana, very simple. On a big training day though, sometimes I need something easier on my tummy and something that keeps me fuelled for longer so I will make rice pudding and have it with yoghurt and apple compote or a banana. I use 1/2 cup of rice, 1 cup almond milk, a little water, lots of cinnamon and just leave it to cook on the hob. I serve it with a big spoonful of yoghurt!

Do you do anything around your training that takes your mind off the world of triathlon?

I love cooking, and baking bread! I am trying to perfect my sourdough which is frustrating but I love having fresh bread. I also love experimenting in the kitchen, I’m always trying out new recipes, we hardly ever have the same meals.

What are your ambitions for the 2019 season ahead?

2019 is olympic qualifying year for us so I will be doing everything I can to get that selection, as well as following the circuit around.

For Tokyo the main races for us are the World Series race in Yokohama in May and the Tokyo test event in August.

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