Injury is something that most athletes will experience at some point, and it is how an athlete deal with this that can determine the impact it can have on a season/career. Here triathlete Heather explains how she has coped with being injured and the importance of correct nutrition.

Injury One

Doctor ‘do you want the good or the bad news?’
Me ‘good?!?’
Doctor ‘the good news is you don’t need an operation; however, you have fractured your clavicle’

Fabulous.. the triathlon season is about to begin and boom I have broken my clavicle. Back in April I was riding along enjoying the sunshine then the next thing I am lying on the side of the road hanging onto my shoulder. I went over a pothole going downhill and went flying over the handle bars and landed on my left shoulder. I knew straight away something wasn’t right but you always try to believe that everything will be okay and you’re just being a drama queen!
So after a lot of tears and me being a pain in the arse (sorry Joe I just love training) I told myself to get a grip. I have been so lucky never having any injuries, it’s still early into the season I will be back.
The injury took longer to heal than I wanted it to but I was training and finally finding my speed and ready to put my name on that start list…. And then…
Injury two,

Injury Two

Doctor ‘you have fractured your 5th metatarsal, bones normally take 6 weeks to heel’
Yay! This time I was just so unlucky, to my physios disgust I had toms on and stepped out of a shop and went over on my ankle! How could I break my toe by doing this!! Why me! So after more tears and again me being moody and wanting to give up and told myself once again to get a grip, worse things happen in life and I will come back stronger from this!
Like most athletes when you have an injury you feel empty, frustrated and depressed. The endorphins we release every day when we train are being trapped and just make you feel miserable. To get over this I like to try and do some sort of exercise or challenge myself. So for the first few weeks of me not being able to do any form of exercise I tried to learn French (failed, but I tried!)
Then once I could start exercising I did any form of x-training I could such as some x trainer sessions which is a great way to keep your heart rate up, aqua jogging (made better when the aqua aerobics classes are on to sing away), turbo sessions, swimming (just pull, working on my weaknesses even though my arms feel like they are about to drop off). These sessions are the ones that will make things easier once you can start training again, trust me even though it can be boring you feel so much better after it and we are all mad to be triathletes anyway!!

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BUT the most important part of rehab is nutrition! Broken bones require more calcium and protein as your body is working twice as hard to mend them. So I have made sure I up my intake of protein every day.  Every morning (as its summer) I make a coffee protein shake which includes a handful of ice, a shot of OTE coffee (or two), a dash of milk and a scoop of OTE chocolate Whey Protein, blast in a blender and you will never want a normal coffee every again.
After a hard session, so at the moment its either a x-trainer session with a few core exercises and arm weights or a turbo session I have an OTE Chocolate Orange Protein Bar (if you haven’t had one of these your missing out)
As I am doing most of my sessions inside at the moment I am sweating more so I have been adding an OTE Hydro Tab into my drinks bottle to ensure I start hydrated.

I know I have been super unlucky this year but I know I can’t give up and I am determined to come back stronger. I have been so lucky up to now but I have seen my best friends all go through injuries and they kept on fighting and came back on top.
So if your injured get yourself some OTE products, go along to your local water aerobics class to aqua jog to some tunes and stay positive because it does get better and you will come back stronger.
Hopefully I can do some races this year but listen to your body, don’t rush things otherwise you will start right back at the beginning again.

Hopefully see you on that start line soon 


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