With a week of big training comes a week of big eating! We'd never suggest using a period of intense training to try loose weight. Give yourself the energy needed to get the most out of the training week. Here’s what a day’s fuelling plan on the OTE Training Camp could look like.


Breakfast, arguably the best meal of the day; especially at hotel Zafiro Tropic and Spa. The buffet is mouth watering, and the options are vast. However we’d suggest having a level of restraint. Steer clear of the fatty cooked breakfast options; what you need is a high carbohydrate breakfast to start the day.

We’d suggest starting with a big bowl of porridge, topped with a banana, a sprinkle of nuts and a swirl of honey. The low release energy from the oats will help to see you through until our café stop for lunch. We would then suggest getting a good protein hit! Try some form of eggs on toast or an omelette. This protein will help to prevent muscle break down over the long day in the saddle. Plus grab a big coffee and a fresh fruit juice.

Top Tip: With it being a Euro buffet breakfast there is always a nice selection of delicious pastries and cakes. We suggest wrapping a few up and taking back to your room as an energy boost after the ride and to put you on until the evening meal.

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Packing the Pockets for the Day Ahead

When returning to your room and deciding which kit to wear that day, this is the important time to prep the pockets with your food for the day. You will be covering around 140km and be out for most of the day, so this will require some serious fuelling if you don’t want the legs to fade in the later part of the day.

Bottles: We suggest a 750ml + 500ml bottle on your bike. Start by filling the 750ml with Energy Drink and the 500ml with a Hydro Tab. There will be chances to refill these bottles throughout the day which will be vital, but we want to start by making sure you are taking on board electrolytes. Fingers crossed it will be warm and therefore a little sweaty so it is going to be important to replace these salts during the day.

Food: Last year’s ride times suggested you will be on your bike between 5-6 hours a day, there will obviously be one maybe two stops in there but we need to prepare accordingly, especially if you are heading into the mountains.We suggest filling your pockets with a significant bit of food for every hour in the saddle. Something that delivers you around 40g of carbs is great, plus an emergency gel for the final tow back into Alcudia. Text book would say you need to consumer around 40-60g of carbohydrates per hour for optimal fuelling, so by aiming to have one piece of food per hour, plus your energy drink, plus you lunch stop, you should hit this aim.

We suggest 2 x OTE Anytime Bar, 2 x OTE Duo Bar, 1 x Banana & a 50mg Lemon & Lime Caffeine Gel in the back pocket.


During the camp we will take you to some of Mallorca’s most beautiful and perhaps lesser known café stops. Our ride leaders have so many years of experience on the island that they have perfected their café selection and you won’t be disappointed. So each day after around 3hours of riding we will stop for lunch. This is an important time to refuel for the afternoon ahead. Again we need to be thinking about replenishing our energy stores and so this means picking a carbohydrate option. We would suggest not picking something too filling as you don’t want it to sit heavy in your stomach all afternoon. Our favourite choices are the tortillas packed full of potatoes or the ‘bocadillo’ a traditional Spanish size sandwich that is usually big! Remember to top your bottles up here too and get a drink with your lunch as all rehydration will be helpful.

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As soon as you get back to your room, we would highly recommend having a recovery drink. This is particularly important when you are doing back to back days of riding to prepare your body for the next day. The protein will help with muscles soreness, the carbohydrates will replenish your energy stores and the fluid will help rehydrate you. It’s not a miracle worker but it’s a big help!

Evening Meal

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been day dreaming about this during the last 20km of the ride. And much like breakfast, the evening meal buffet selection is vast. The main aim of this meal (as well as to enjoy) is to refuel ready for another big day. Soup for starter is always a good idea, not only is it a rehydrater but it is usually packed with veg to deliver a vitamin and mineral hit. Looking after your immune system is also important when you are pushing your body to new limits on training camps. For the main make sure you give yourself a generous serving of carbohydrate; rice, pasta or potatoes. Alongside this have a serving of meat. Getting another hit of protein is going to be important for recovery, so don’t just go big on the carbs. Naturally we would advise having a colourful salad or a heap of vegetables to balance this all out.

And yes dessert is allowed. After all you will have earned it and will no doubt burn off the next day.

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Final Tip

Research has shown that having a portion of protein just before bed can really help to aid recovery overnight. So just before you head to sleep shake up an OTE Super Protein or chomp an OTE protein bar, to get that last minute protein hit that your body can use during the night to fix those sore muscles.


Want more information about the OTE Training Camp? Head to our site here

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