There are several nutritional strategies which will enable you to get the most from your training camp. Here we look at some of the key areas of nutrition that can help you return home a fitter and stronger athlete.
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Coping with the Extra Training Load

Strategies to help maintain adequate energy supply will help you maximise the quality of training throughout your training camp, especially since you will most likely see a significant increase in training volume and load during the camp. Ensuring adequate energy supply and remaining hydrated will also help you enjoy the camp more. Whilst you may “get away” with minimal use of energy drinks, gels and bars at home, you won’t get the most from your training camp if you try to skimp on their use during a camp or intense training period. As you will be doing much more exercise than you usually do, and on consecutive days you need to guard against progressive muscle glycogen depletion. At home it is likely that you can “make-up” for shortfalls in energy supply between training sessions, but with an increase in volume and intensity on a training camp you are less likely to have the opportunity to make up for any shortfalls, other than by including an unscheduled rest-day.  This means ensuring you take adequate energy on board and remain hydrated before, during and after each day’s training, or each session if you do multi-session days.

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Coping with the Heat

Since most training destinations are warmer than the UK, the best combination for long days in the saddle or running should include OTE Energy Drink and Hydro Tabs to help keep you fuelled and hydrated, backed up with gels or duo bars during longer sessions. More often than not you will be able to pick up additional water whilst out on the bike, but it’s not always convenient to be mixing additional drinks.

Gels are the ideal way to provide extra energy whilst water will help keep you hydrated once your energy drink runs out, each OTE Gel will provide an additional 20g of carbohydrate. You should aim to take between 60g-90g of carbohydrate for each hour of exercise. Check out our OTE Energy System  for more information on how to make your energy intake specific to you.

If you are training for a long time an energy bar often goes down well and can also be used to provide a high carbohydrate snack in between meals or training sessions in order to keep your carbohydrate stores topped up. Each OTE Duo Bar provides 40g of carbohydrate in 2 separate 20g pieces.

Make sure you stock up on energy products before you leave the country if the venue you are going to does not sell your favourite OTE products.

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Speed up your recovery between workouts

Research shows that the right combination of protein and carbohydrate will speed up your muscle glycogen stores faster than carbohydrate alone. OTE Recovery is the ideal post exercise drink as each serving delivers 25g of protein and has sufficient carbohydrate, electrolytes and vitamins to ensure you maximise your recovery.  Importantly it will also help speed up your adaptation to the increased training load. If you do not feed yourself within 20 minutes of finishing exercise the whole body starts to slow down, enzyme activity falls, and it is difficult to recover if additional hard training is to be carried out on the same or following day.

OTE offer 2 recovery drinks – a Whey/Casein blend and OTE Soya protein formula which is suitable for vegetarians and those who need a lactose and gluten free recovery drink

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