New to our team of OTE Fuelled athletes this year is up and coming Triathlon Star Georgia Taylor-Brown. We caught up with her ahead of this weekend's Leeds World Triathlon Series to find out how it feels to be competing on home turf & what her preparation for the race looks like.

How did you get into triathlon and how long have you been competing at this level?

I’ve always swam from a young age and through high school I got into cross country running and really loved it. I ended up being pretty good and qualified for various teams. I really enjoyed my swimming and running but I was getting older and it was getting harder to balance both sports in full as well as school and I didn’t want to quit either, so mum signed me up for the Triathlon talent squad selection day. To my surprise I made the team, having never done a triathlon before and so from there on I had to learn to ride a bike, properly! I competed internationally instantly really, I was selected for European and World teams within the first few years and haven’t looked back since.

How has your season gone to date?

I’m still at the front end of the season and its been quite relaxed, just finding my feet again after a good winters training but I’m really happy with how everything is going. Our off season is super long and I end up getting a big twitchy, I really miss the racing through the winter so I throw in a few cross country running races to keep me entertained but now we are in the swing of things I’m happy and excited to race.

We love Georgia’s modesty, what she fails to mention is that she has already won a European Cup in Gran Canaria & had a win in the French Grand Prix Series!

How does it feel to be racing a WTS where you live?

I am so excited, like really really excited! It means my family and friends can come and watch me. They always follow my races and always want to be there, so to be able to have them right on the course as I swim, ride and run my way around Leeds will be amazing!

I don’t feel the pressure so much because I’m just going out there to do what I love to do and I know that on Sunday, no matter what, I’ll be running around wearing a smile (maybe not literally because its going to really hurt ha ha) but I’ll definitely be taking it all in.

The strength and depth of the Women in British Triathlon is very strong, how does it feel to make the team for such a prestigious race?

Tell me about it! The British girls are super strong right now and we are really dominating races across all levels so it is pretty tough to just get a start, but because it’s so strong it keeps you motivated and you’re always having to work that bit harder to be able to move up the ranks.

When it was confirmed I got a start for Leeds, I felt like that was the hardest part out the way, now all I need to do is get stuck in and work my little heart out! When I look down the start list and see my name in there, amongst the best in the World it feels very surreal but I’m really proud of how far I’ve come!

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What OTE products will you be using to fuel Leeds WTS?

I’ll be taking the Hydro Tabs for the week leading into the race, really keeping on top of my hydration. I’ll also make sure I’m getting my recovery perfect building into the race so I’ll either have the Soya Protein Powder or a Protein bar, in any flavour because they all taste good. I’ll sometimes have one in the evenings with some yoghurt if its been a big day, it’s just an easy grab and go!

Race morning I’ll sip on a Energy Drink over breakfast and then get back on the Hydro Tabs then as we line up for swim start I’ll take in an Energy Gel, non caffeine for me and then I’m set to go! With it being an Olympic Distance I’ll tape 2 Energy Gels to my top tube and take that 10k and 30k into the bike and aim to get through 500ml Energy Drink and 500ml Water. Because Leeds is a challenging course and could be tough to get everything in on the bike with all the corners, I will have an Energy Gel next to my shoes in Transition to take on the run if I feel like I’m struggling.

Post race can be a bit busy and you’re always in a little blurry bubble but I always get in my recovery, either the Super Protein Powder or a Protein Bar and then after dinner that evening I’ll have another bit of Protein before I sleep.

Which is your favourite discipline? Swim, bike or run?

Well I love them all but running in the race is probably my favourite because it’s the last discipline and once I’m on 2 feet I feel safe and happy. But you can’t beat going for a long ride into the Dales with your friends, come rain or shine, the Dales know how to make you smile!

What do the final few hours before your race look like?

  • Breakfast: Big bowl of porridge with Banana and Honey, Cup of Coffee, 2 Slices of toast, Glass of orange juice.
    Sip on my Energy Drink and fluids all morning/afternoon. Feet up and watch a bit of TV, maybe Greys anatomy because i’m obsessed or a Disney Movie that I can sing along to, they keep me relaxed and put a smile on my face.
  • 3 hours before race: Last proper meal will be Rice with a Banana if its too early for Tuna.
  • 2 hours before: We usually leave the hotel around this time and head to transition to set up in Town and then we will pedal over to Roundhay, check in over there and then feet up in the athletes lounge before swim warm up.
  • 1 Hour before: One final snack here like a Banana Anytime Bar and then I’ll be ready to go.
  • 45/30 minutes before: Swim warm up, usually dive in and do a lap easy with a few sprints to wake my arms up.
  • 15 minutes before: Athlete line up so this is where I will take my Energy Gel and continue to sip water, maybe have a little boogie to the pre race music and then its show time!
  • Start Line: I pick my spot, jump up and down, shake my arms out and then get into position. I give one last good luck to the girls either side of me and then look straight ahead keeping relaxed and off we go: 2 hours of hurt!

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