We are proud to be collaborating with local coffee roasters Cielo to bring you our very own OTE Coffee. We sat down with Hollie to find out some more about the Cielo story and some tips on making the perfect coffee.

Who are Cielo Coffee Roasters?

Cielo Coffee Roasters is a speciality coffee roasters based in Garforth, Leeds. Here at Cielo we are passionate about building community and reducing loneliness.  We ethically source some of the best green beans we can get our hands on, roast them excellently for you and then give 65% of our profits to social projects. We do this because we desire to see to see people thrive in communities all around the world. Currently, we are supporting a 2 doctors from Leeds in Ethiopia who are helping children with clubfoot. 1 in 750 children are born with clubfoot worldwide. In Ethiopia this means that you are ostracised from society. These doctors are enabling children to be a part of community in a way they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

What affect does bean type and the roasting process have on our cup of coffee?

There are a number of different variables that affect how you roast a coffee which subsequently affect the coffee that ends up in your cup. Each bean is different depending on it’s varietal, the way the coffee is processed once it has been harvested and the location of the farm – altitude, soil type, humidity – or more broadly the country of origin. These variables affect how we roast each coffee and what we are looking for when we taste the roasted coffee. We are then able to adjust the roasting profile to get the best out of each bean.

Here are 2 typical examples:

Brazilian Coffee: Known for having chocolatey, nutty profiles. For these types of coffees we want to create a roasting profile that draws out these cupping notes (it’s a bit like wine tasting). These coffees tend to follow a medium roast profile. This type of profile roasts the coffee enough to draw out those chocolatey nutty notes but maintains the uniqueness of the bean.

Ethiopian Coffee: Known for a having a fruity or a floral profile. Fruity or floral cupping notes are more acidic. For these types of coffees we want to create a roasting profile that highlights these cupping notes. We tend to roast these coffees more lightly so as not to let too many of the gases in the bean escape thus maintaining the acidity of the coffee.

Tell us a little abit about the OTE x Cielo Collaboration?

What can people expect from this coffee? I love that we are doing this collaboration! The coffee that you are taking home is one of our much loved Cielo blends. Primarily you can expect to find those smooth base notes of chocolate and nuts but you will also catch a hint of fruity acidity to finish off. As your cuppa cools that hint of fruitiness will become more prevalent.

Finally, our customers have got their coffee in hand, how should people use the OTE x Cielo to make the perfect coffee?

Simple, just head to our Brew Guides. From cafetiere to V60, we have it covered.

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