It's getting to that time of year when indoor training may become the preferred option for many of us. And even if it's not the preferred option, it may be the safest and warmest. We asked our #OTEFuelled athletes what their favourite session is if they have to train indoors.

Alistair Brownlee

This double Olympic Champion needs no introduction, and those that know him won’t be surprised to hear Alistair doesn’t do a lot of indoor training. A combination of Yorkshire grit when based at home or the ability to jet off to warmer climates when the weather really turns, helps keep those indoor sessions to a minimum. However Alistair still sees the benefit in a different types of training.

“I don’t do a lot of training indoors (except for swimming) but I have learnt the positive benefits of strength and conditioning work, so that is my favourite session. It is an essential session that I do throughout the year to keep the body healthy.

There are four parts to my session:

  1. Warm up and flexibility: This includes balancing exercises and stretching.
  2. Calf and ankle conditioning: This includes weight and unweighted calf raises with straight and bent leg variations.
  3. Hip and glute strengthening: This includes leg press, deadlifts and single leg squats.
  4. Other areas that need work: For me currently this is hamstring and shoulder stability.”

Lily Partridge

Britain’s number one female marathon runner is an advocate of indoor training. Lily uses it as part of her normal training regime but also as a key part of her rehab when injured.

“I use indoor training all the time, whether it be the treadmill, elliptical machine or my elliptiGO in my living room. When healthy and in full training I use indoor training for my easier evening run or to avoid going out in the rain as I don’t particularly like running in the rain. Also when you are trying to stay healthy and avoid winter bugs it doesn’t always pay to ‘tough it out’ in the British weather especially for a 40 minute easy recovery shake out.

When injured I use indoor training every single day but I try to change it up everyday if I can so that mentally I have a different stimulus and it keeps it interesting. During my recent injury struggle I have picked up swimming and am fortunate to have a friend who can set me sessions like i would do in running.

My favourite session is on the elliptical. I do pyramid session on there of 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 6 minutes, 10 minutes, 6 minutes, 4 minutes, 2 minutes with half rep recoveries (keep moving during recovery though, don’t stop). Add a 15 minute warm up and cool down. Have a go and enjoy!”


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Jonny Brownlee

Olympic medalist and former World Champion understands the importance of specific indoor training. This session may not be his favourite but it certainly serves a purpose when preparing for international events in scorching temperatures.

“I’m going to pick a turbo heat session. I put the heaters on in a boxed off room around an hour before I want to start the session so the room is up to 32 degrees celsius.

  • 10 minutes warm up
  • 8 minutes building up, increasing the intensity every 2 minutes
  • 3 minutes easy spinning
  • 2 minutes at tempo
  • 10 minutes of 30 second sprint, 30 seconds spin.
  • Recovery spin for 20-30 minutes to make the session up to 1 hour.

The idea is to get my core temperature high as quickly as possible and then keep it there. I will also make sure I drink 3 x 500ml bottles during the session ( 1 x Energy Drink, 2 x Hydro Tabs)

The session is hard but the hardest part is moping all the sweat up afterwards.”

Georgia Taylor-Brown

Rising triathlon star Georgia may have three different disciplines to train for but it’s actually the little bits around the cycling, swimming and running that she enjoys and see’s a lot of benefit in.

“I find a quick gym and yoga session is great. Even if you don’t have access to a gym you can make it a home workout. Try some glute exercises (such as clams & bridges), calf raises and core exercises (like the plank). The follow this up with some active stretching and maybe try follow a yoga routine online.

I find all these little efforts make a big difference in the winter. When I’m just getting back into training after the end of season break, I get really tired and really tight. So an at home gym and yoga routine is great before dinner. It prepares me for the next day’s training and I don’t even need to leave the house (which can be hard work when the weather isn’t very motivating).”

Andy Heyes

British Indoor 3000m Champion Andy Heyes obviously has no qualms about training inside, since obviously this is an environment he excels in.

“Here is an example of a indoor track session that I do.

  • 5 x 1km (90 secs jog recovery in between)
  • 6 x 400m (60 sec jog recovery in between)

I am to run a 2:47-2:50m pace for the 1kms and 62 seconds from the 400m’s.

I tend to train indoors 3 times per week after the the New Year. This consists of two gym sessions and one indoor track session). The British Championships are usually late February with the World & European Indoors being the first week of March each year so the switch to indoors from cross country always happens around Christmas.”

Emily Wadsworth

TP Racing’s Emily Wadsworth is mid Cyclo-Cross season in Belgium and is certainly making a name for herself out on the continent. Still so young, she has some wise words when it comes to indoor training.

“I love gym sessions as it’s something different to riding a bike. I warm up first with 10 minutes on the treadmill, followed by some stretching and foam rolling. The bulk of the session is then a specific low weights/ high reps strength session focusing on legs. This usually involves exercises like leg press and squats. I always then finish with a core circuits and go until I physically can’t go anymore. I love the feeling of finishing off a gym session absolutely nailed.

I go to the gym once a week, this isn’t weather dependent. At the moment I normally do just one roller or turbo session during a week. The weather has been amazing recently so I’ve been able to train outside as much as I want, I’m sure I will find myself on the turbo a little more in the coming months.

I way prefer training outside compared to a turbo session so the weather has to be pretty extreme to stop me going outside to train. That being said, if it’s dangerous weather conditions or I am particularly tired and it’s very cold outside I will (reluctantly) swap my session for an indoor session to prevent getting ill.”

Join Our Altitude Training Sessions

Our favourite form of indoor training  here at OTE is a wattbike session in our Altitude Chamber. We’re time pushed but enjoy training hard so a short, sharp interval session at 2500m is an effective way to get in a fantastic training session.

If you’re interested in joining our lunchtime or evening coached wattbike sessions at our Performance Centre in Leeds. Drop us an email at for more information.

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