Fancy taking up running but don't know where to start? We spoke to Team New Balance Manchester coach Steve Vernon and asked him what his top tips are when it comes to taking up running.


A lot of beginners go out and try and just run, but I would suggest you walk and run.  A complete beginner might jog for a minute, walk for a minute. Do that 10 times, so 20 minutes total and 10 min running time. You see so many people go out for there first 20 minutes run and get disheartened because the first 5 minutes they are bounding down street for neighbours to see, second 5 minutes they’re hyperventilating and the 3rd 5 minutes they’re wondering if they’re going to collapse. I think starting with walking and running then extending that to 2 mins running, 1 min walking 3 days later is a great way to start.


Get yourself a good pair of shoes. So many people may start running in a old pair of shoes they use for gardening or something. It’s important you invest in a new pair of shoes designed for running. We would obviously suggest New Balance haha.


I always say allow 6 weeks to get into it and allow for adaptation. Don’t get disheartened within this time as there will be day when you feel great and days when you feel terrible, so give yourself that full 6 weeks. I would say running 2-3 times a week and recovering in between is a good aim as this allows you to adapt to the training.


Challenge yourself. Once you get into it, give yourself some challenges and commit yourself to them. So whether that’s building yourself up to do 5-6 mile run at the end of 6 weeks, then have that goal. Maybe try a park run or enter a local race as a source of motivation. It doesn’t have to be a race, but it could be an organised run where your running with new people. These little goals along the way really help you to keep progressing.


Try get involved in a local running group or have a running buddy. That way you’re then committed to going along and being part of something. I think that helps people on their journey. Talk to like minded people or have a buddy that you can have a good moan to if you’re feeling bad or boast and drop them if you’re feeling good. I think running buddies or local beginner running groups are a really great way to help people get started.

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