When travelling abroad either for competition or a training camp it is important not to neglect your nutrition. It is a challenge trying to combat jet lag, illness and negotiating different foods but OTE are here to help.

Always educate yourself where possible on the destination you are travelling to and make sure you plan for any necessary vaccinations. Then you can plan for your nutrition using these handy tips:

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1. Hydration when Flying

Due to low humidity of the cabins it causes our bodies to dehydrate quickly. This can also be an issue when it comes to protecting against air borne bugs. Humidity in the air keeps your airways moist so the lining can help trap germs trying to enter your body. When the air you’re breathing is too dry, the mucus in your airway can’t do its job, and viruses or bacteria can enter more freely.

Get a big bottle of water as soon as you have made your way through security check. We would suggest adding an OTE Hydro Tab to the bottle (snap it in half to get it in) then remember to sip it throughout the flight.

2. Emergency Snack Pack

When travelling to unfamiliar countries either travel with or send ahead a pack of staple foods that you can turn to in emergencies. Foods such as cereals, dried milk powder, dried fruit and nuts, canned tuna, flour tortillas and Anytime bars are great things to take with you.

3. Help Prevent Jet Lag

Adapt your meals and snack times to destination you’re travelling to 24-48 hours before you travel. Keep this snack and meal pattern throughout your travels to make sure performance is not impacted upon arrival. Make sure you have plenty of activities with you to keep you entertained during the journey to prevent boredom eating.

4. Avoiding Ilness When Abroad

Always wash your hands and carry hand sanitizer with you to use regularly. Often water abroad can be unsafe, so it often wise to opt for bottled water and avoid ice in drinks. Avoid foods that may have been washed in this water (such as salads) or foods that may not have been cooked properly (such as meats, fish and eggs). Buffets are common abroad but be wary of foods that are not served either chilled or very hot.

5. Diet Therapy for Illness

If diarrhoea does occur whilst abroad it is important to consume a high intake of electrolyte fluid. Avoid fluids like coffee, milk, fizzy drinks and fruit juices. When you feel it is possible, consume low-fibre foods that are plain. Opt for things like white dry toast, plain rice or dry crackers. It is best to avoid fatty and sugary foods. You can slowly increase your food intake and fibre content back to normal as you feel better. Consuming probiotics in the lead up to travelling can help to reduce the occurrence of diarrhoea.

Health & Immune

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Travelling with products from the OTE Health and Performance Supplements range may also be a very good idea. If fresh fruit and veg is not available or not of a great standard, a combination of Super Greens and Health and Immune Capsules should ensure you still get all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

The last thing you want is to arrive at the destination of an event or race you have trained hard for and end up getting ill. Look after yourself!!

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