With winter upon us, thoughts turn to indoor training. This can sometimes result in a lot of aimless sessions on a turbo trainer. Below are three specific sessions devised by Wattbike’s Sport Scientist Eddie Fletcher to help keep you focussed through the dark months.

20 Minute Session

Being short on time doesn’t mean you can’t get a great session. If you have ever watched a Team Sky rider getting ready for a time trial or GB athlete warming up on the track, then the session below will look quite familiar. Although strictly a warm up, it does double up as a great session on its own.

Taking you through all of your training zones including some high rpm rev outs this session is a fantastic way to maximise a short window of opportunity to train. This session will also help you to control your cadence and concentrate on good pedalling technique. To establish which resistance level you should be using, visit the Wattbike training section.

30 Minute Session

The winter is all about building your aerobic base. Think of it as laying the foundations on top of which you can build your specific speed or endurance sessions as spring approaches. To build your base, you need to stay between zones 1-3. This session focusses on gradually increasing your cadence to move you through your training zones.

Start with a 5′ low resistance warm up at 90 rpm, then 4 x 5′ at 90 rpm, 95 rpm, 100 rpm, 105 rpm at one or two levels up from warm up level – concentrate on technique, heart rate should stay within Z1-Z3 giving an overall Z2 workout. Always finish with a cool down of 5′ low resistance cool down at 90 rpm.

60 Minute Session

A 60 minute session during winter can mean a simple steady state of three blocks of zone 1 or 2 which isn’t particularly exciting so Eddie has shared one of the sessions he gives to his elite athletes to try from time to time. This one will put your will power to the test!

It is essentially the 20 minute warm up x 3! Following the same protocol as the 20 minute session, increase the intensity for the second set before reducing back to the warm up level for the final interval. Overall this will average out at a zone 2 session across the whole hour.

20′ warm up routine x 3. First 20′ at warm up resistance level, second 20′ at one level up and third 20′ at warm up level. This should give a zone 2 training effect overall so is still a good session for boosting your winter base training. Your resistance level can be changed up or down to keep heart rate in check. To establish which resistance level you should be using, visit the Wattbike training section.

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