The vegan food trend sprung onto scene in 2018 and looks like it's certainly here to stay. There has been much discussion around the difficulties of adopting the vegan diet as an athletes. Well we have a number of products that can certainly help!

Energy Gels

All our energy gels, whether they contain caffeine or not are vegan friendly. It is worth remembering that not all energy gels on the market are an equal and variations in ingredients can have different affects on the body. Many people associate the use of energy gels with stomach discomfort either during or after exercise, but trust us, this doesn’t have to be the case.

We make it our aim to source high quality ingredients, to produce less acidic products that are kinder on the stomach.  Our natural flavouring from real fruit juice concentrate paired with an almost liquid like consistency means our gel can actually be enjoyed. Each gel supplies you with 20g of carbohydrates and contain added electrolytes to aid rehydration and replace lost salts. A perfect performance booster during training or competition.

If you choose our caffeine gels, then you can either go for 50mg or 100mg of rocket fuel! The caffeine we use comes from that natural plant source of Guarana and so again fitting with a vegan diet.

Blackcurrant Hydro Tab


Hydro Tab
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Hydro Tabs

Hydration is a really important part of sporting performance. As little as 2% loss of body weight due to dehydration can negatively affect performance, so this is certainly a product vegan athletes should be reaching for. Place one hydro tab in 500ml of water to get a refreshing drink that speeds up rehydration. Each tab contains a carefully selected balance of electrolytes and is naturally sweetened with stevia, but not too much. As we exercise more, our taste buds change and we don’t want to drink something so sickly sweet. All OTE products have been designed with this in mind.

Our vegan friendly Hydro Tabs are best used in and around exercise. Whether that’s before a workout to make sure you’re hydrated for the start, during a sweaty session or afterwards to replace fluid and salts. But remember, our hydro tabs don’t contain any energy! So for training sessions longer than 90 minutes we would also suggest having some food alongside your Hydro Tab.

Mixed Vegan Anytime Bar Box x 16


Anytime Bar
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Vegan Anytime Bars

Not all of our Anytime Bars are vegan but we have three flavour that are (Blueberry, Coconut Choc Chip plus Apple & Cinnamon), and two more that contain plant-based protein. Our Anytime Bars are 100% natural flapjack style bars, perfect for fuelling your workouts or as a mid day snack.

The Anytime Bar came about when realised the need for normal, no nonsense food that tastes great whilst exercising. We want to break down barriers to fuelling during exercise. Why not carry something with you that you can’t wait to eat during your workout. And our Anytime Bars are the perfect mid workout morale food for any vegan.

It’s sadly not vegan, but we now also have a plant based protein Anytime Bar, that may be a great option for those who aren’t strictly vegan.

Soya Protein Recovery Drink

OTE Soya Protein Drinks have been designed to help repair and rebuild muscles, and speed your recovery to exercise. Ideally consumed within 30 minutes of finishing your exercise, our OTE Soya Protein Drink provides 25g of essential proteins needed to support recovery but also supplies carbohydrates help the re-fuelling process without over loading the body with excess calories. With added electrolytes to aid rehydration, and vitamins to boost the immune system, the OTE Soya Protein Drink really does tick all the boxes when it comes to optimising recovery. Just place two heaped scoops in a shaker and make up with just water.

Soya is a plant based protein source derived from Soya Beans, perfect for a plant based diet. With it we have created two delicious & naturally flavoured recovery drinks: Chocolate & Strawberry. The slightly sweet taste of the soya makes our recovery drinks the perfect post training treat.

Energy Drink

All flavours of our OTE Energy Drink are vegan friendly. It has been designed to provide the carbohydrates to give you fuel during exercise and electrolytes to help replace salts lost during sweating. Two scoops from the bulk pack or one sachet easily mixes with 500ml of water to provide you with 40g of carbohydrates. This is enough energy for 40-60 minutes of moderate to intense exercise.

Our energy drink provides a refreshing natural fruity taste that is easy to consume anytime during your workout. We’ve also designed our energy drinks to be pH neutral. This means they’re kind on the stomach to help eliminate any upset that can be associated with using Sports Nutrition. Our energy drinks are also designed to not be overly sweet in taste, so during those long training session it doesn’t become unbearable to drink. We find this is a great way to fuel for training or competition when time to eat is pushed or the intensity is too high to chew.

And if you need 80g of carbohydrates in 500ml then our Super Carbs are vegan friendly too!


Lime Flavoured Super Greens


Food Supplement
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Super Greens

Not many people know that vegetables with a high level of green pigmentation (chlorophyll) are alkalising. OTE Lime Super Greens provide a rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that help to alkalise and maintain a healthy gut. A vegan diet would hopefully be rich in vegetables anyway, but sometimes life gets in the way of the perfect diet and that’s when Super Greens can help enrich a diet that may be slightly lacking after hard training periods or lots of travel.

One serving of OTE Super Greens provides a great and convenient way of supplementing your vegetable intake. Super Greens also give the body natural energy and can also be used to boost recovery after hard exercise. The alkalising affect helps to neutralise lactic acid build up and flush toxins away promoting faster recovery.


All Vegan Performance Bundle

All Vegan Performance Bundle

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Try All Our Vegan Products

We now have an All Vegan Performance bundle that allows you to sample all our products that will fit into a plant based or vegan diet.

This pack includes:

  • 2 x Energy Gels
  • 1 x Caffeine Energy Gel
  • 1 x Tube of Hydro Tabs
  • 2 x Energy Drink Sachets
  • 2 x Vegan Anytime Bars
  • 1 x Soya Protein Recovery Drink Sachet

We’re excited to keep adding to our vegan offering over the next year.

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