• 20g of Carbohydrate
  • Naturally Flavoured
  • Quick Release Energy
  • Dual Delivery Packaging
  • Balance of Electrolytes

About this product

Can’t decide which flavour energy gel you want? Our 5 gels for £5 pack supplies you with one of all of our energy and caffeine gel flavours. A perfect way to sample the range.

Our OTE Energy Gel has been designed to provide quick release energy during exercise. It also contains electrolytes to help replace salts lost during sweating . One gel provides you with 20g of carbohydrates, enough energy for 20 minutes of moderate to intense exercise.

Our 40 Mixed Gel Pack contains:

1 x Orange Gel
1 x Blackcurrant Gel
1 x Lemon and Lime Gel
1 x Pineapple 50mg Caffeine Gel
1 x Blackcurrant 100mg Caffeine Gel

To find out more about why you might choose to use an energy gel click here.

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