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About OTE

OTE Sports came about because of a desire to do things differently.
There are so many sports nutrition companies out there whose products are highly functional but maybe don’t taste great, or get a tick for taste, but aren’t delivering what athletes need. We at OTE Sports want to put a tick in both these boxes. Always.

Don't forget hydration is an important consideration during a three hour ride.

Our range of naturally-flavoured sports health nutrition products, including bars, gels, and performance drinks, has been developed by experienced sports nutritionists and athletes to bring you the best tasting and functionally effective products out there.

Our energy products and natural sports supplements are developed with research, care, and attention to offer something for all levels of athleticism and sporting abilities.

We have developed three ranges so there are products to cater to all abilities.

About OTE — OTE Sports

Community First

We’re a brand with a face, personality, and passion! Just a small team that loves what they do!

We want to interact with our community. We want to know when someone smashes their personal best with our gel in their hand! We want to hear from you if you think our products could be better. Ride outs, run meets – we’re all in when it comes to spending time with our valued customers.

About OTE — OTE Sports

Here To Educate

We believe sports nutrition doesn’t have to be elitist, and that we have a duty to educate people about how best to use our products.

As a sports nutrition company, we aim to demystify performance nutrition and offer straightforward, scientifically-backed nutrition advice for all athletes. This then allows you to make an educated choice on what you need and when to use it to improve your performance or general fitness.

Nutrition picks for indoor cycling

Meet the team

About OTE — OTE Sports

Annie Simpson

Head of Marketing

I cycled competitively on & off-road for 16 years, dipping in and out of international racing. Now recently retired from the serious stuff I’m getting into running & still love time on the bike. I’ve a BSc & MSc in Sport & Exercise Nutrition.

Max taking on the Calendar Run

Max Dillon

Head of Sales

I’m the token southerner amongst the crew but blend in with my love of all sports. I’ve always been a jack of all trades whether individual or team sports. But since my 1500m youth days I’ve always been destined to be more of a diesel and enjoy competing in triathlon, swim-run and the odd mountain ultra. My ambition is spreading this passion for the outdoors to my children.

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Thomas Potter

Head of Logistics & Distribution

I’m a keen racer on the road and dabble in MTB. Forever making the time just to ride my bikes, unless I’m trekking around the world with a backpack. Happiest when in the mountains exploring new routes. I have a degree in Sports Science with a passion for food.

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Gabriella Shaw

PR & Account Management

I’m a Yorkshire lass with a passion for the great outdoors, I race my bike on the road. I have a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science & I’ve been OTE Fuelled for the past few years so naturally jumped at the opportunity to join the team here in Leeds. Happiest in the Yorkshire dales when the sun’s shining!

Peter Slater

Co-founder and Product Development

Sport has always been an integral part of my life. From swimming, cricket and football to triathlon, 3 x Hawaii Ironman World Championship finisher and triathlon coach. A passion for performance nutrition with over 20 years experience working in the sports nutrition industry.

About OTE — OTE Sports

Joe Cotterill

Photography & Design

About OTE — OTE Sports

Gav Taylor

Operations & Event Coodinator

About OTE — OTE Sports

Erica Byram

Customer Service & Marketing Assistant

Sport has been a big part of my life ever since I was little, coming from a running background I then went on to compete in Triathlon at an elite level for many years, and still can’t get away from it as I still train and compete daily for the love of it. Forget having a lie in, my favourite thing to do on a Sunday morning is going for a long run with my dog over the moors! I have an BSc in Sport and Exercise Therapy as well as a level 4 Nutrition qualification.