What Is The Super Range

If you’re looking for high performance products that will give you the competitive edge, our Super Range is the one for you. Designed alongside our OTE Fuelled professional athletes, there is no compromise on ingredient quality and product function when it comes to this unique range.

Super Gel

The Super Gel deliversย 40g of carbohydrate per 66g gel; thatโ€™s right that isย DOUBLEย the energy of a standard gel!

This is your go to gel when a big hit of energy is required but with limited time to consume it.

What Is The Super Range — OTE Sports

Key Features:

Taste: As always weโ€™ve used natural flavouring the bring you this delicious Berry flavour; this comes from real fruit juice concentrate. Itโ€™s easy to use and consume, developed with the athlete in mind.

Multiple Energy Substrate: The OTE Super Gel contains carbohydrate in the form of maltodextrin and fructose. Research has shown that more carbohydrate (up to 90g per hour) can be absorbed and delivered to working muscle when using a multiple energy substrate compared to using maltodextrin alone.

Balanced Electrolytes: The OTE Super Gel contains balanced electrolytes to promote fluid uptake and help you remain hydrated during exercise.

Super Carbs

Super Carbs has been developed to deliver up to 80g of carbohydrate per 500ml which is double the amount of carbohydrate in our regular energy drink.

Super Carbs
What Is The Super Range — OTE Sports

As more carbohydrate can be delivered per given mouthful, we recommend using Super Carbs during exercise if:

a) the intensity of your workout is high with a significant increase in energy expenditure
b) in cooler weather conditions when you may not need to drink as much to remain hydrated but still need the energy
c) the time available to take on fluid/energy is restricted, for example in team sports or endurance events as more carbohydrate per mouthful can be provided to fuel your workout

Super Carbs can also be used to help carbohydrate load prior to endurance events such as marathons, sportives or ironman triathlon.

We recently put out Super Carbs to the test at Liverpool John Moores University. GB Marathon Runner Jonny Mellor of Team New Balance Manchester took to the lab to test his in-race metabolism using Super Carb. Watch the results here.

Super Green

We all know that we should eat more fruit and vegetables but what a lot of people do not know is that vegetables with a high level of green pigmentation (chlorophyll) are alkalising.

What Is The Super Range — OTE Sports

OTE Lime Super Greens provide a rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that help to alkalize and maintain a healthy gut.

One serving of OTE Super Greens provides a great and convenient way of supplementing your vegetable intake. Super Greens also give the body natural energy and can also be used to boost recovery after hard exercise. The alkalising affect helps to neutralise lactic acid build up and flush toxins away promoting faster recovery

Super Protein

OTE Super Protein Drink has been designed to speed your recovery and adaptation to exercise, reduce muscle damage and protect gut health.

Super Protein
What Is The Super Range — OTE Sports

The OTE Super Protein Drink has been carefully designed to contain highly functional ingredients to speed up recovery. One serving contains 20g of Whey Protein, 5g of L-Glutamine, 2g of L-Leucine and 1.5g of HMB per serving, important ingredients in the repair and rebuilding of muscle after exercise; as well as supporting the immune system.

It is ideal for use after undertaking fasted training, or as part of a low carbohydrate diet. Now available in a brand new 420g bulk pack that contains 12 servings.

OTE Super Protein Drinks are manufactured in an Informed Sport certified facility.

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The Super Range