OTE x CHOJO Project Running Bottle 400ml


OTE x CHOJO Project Running Bottle 400ml

Compact and easy-to-hold run specific 400ml drinks bottle.
Designed to help you keep on top of your hydration in run training or racing; ideal those running a marathon.




Introducing the new 400ml OTE x CHOJO Project running specific drinks bottle!

Whether you are picking the bottle up on the move or carrying it for long distances, this bottle is small and light with an easy-to-hold design that has been made specifically for running. The narrow neck mean the bottle can fit in most running vests and belts, or sits comfortably in the athletes hand. An ideal bottle for any one training for a marathon or ultra endurance running event.


What is the CHOJO Project?

The term ’Chojo’ term has a long history at ASICS. The word translates from Japanese to β€˜striving for the peak’, which is reflected in ASICS’ approach to product innovations and services.

ASICS has established a training camp in Iten, Kenya, to support the development of new athletes. Here they strive for their peak performances, physically, emotionally, and mentally; and OTE are proud to be fuelling the CHOJO Project athletes in their aspirations to be the best distance runners in the world.

Watch our video from Malaga Half Marathon, where CHOJO Project athletes won both the men’s and women’s race and smashed the course record – click here to watch.


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PLEASE NOTE: This bottle is not for use in bottle cages.

Here are some MUST products to add into your new 400ml blue drinks bottle:

Our OTE Energy Drinks have been designed to provide carbohydrates during exercise, as well as electrolytes to help replace salts lost during sweating and aid rehydration. Two scoops from the bulk pack or an individual sachet easily mixes with 500ml of water. This will provide you with 40g of carbohydrates, so is enough energy for 40-60 minutes of moderate to intense exercise.

The natural flavours of Blackcurrant, Orange, and LemonΒ & Lime provide a refreshing fruity taste. Also, they are easy to consume anytime during your workout.Β  So, this means they are kind on the stomach. So, helps eliminate any stomach upset that can be associated with using Sports Nutrition.

Click here to shop our Super carb energy drink range.


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