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Supplements for Marathon Runners

The Best Supplements for Marathon Runners

Finding the right supplements for marathon runners is as essential as your pre-race training! Your choice of sports nutrition will impact your running performance, finish time and post-marathon recovery, so choosing the very best products is key.

At OTE Sports, we only offer the best supplements for marathon runners, fuelling your training sessions and the race itself. Our sports nutrition products are carefully designed alongside a team of professional marathon runners and come in a wide variety of great-tasting, natural flavours.

Marathon Sports Nutrition — OTE Sports

Fuelling During a Marathon

Discover our range of marathon training supplements, from hydrating hydro tabs, energy boosting bars, sports gels, and protein and recovery drinks. What’s more, our Super Range offers a blend of the highest-performance ingredients, giving you a competitive edge.

Marathon Sports Nutrition — OTE Sports

Guides to Marathon Training Supplements (and More)

Shop our supplements for marathon runners below, or explore our guides for advice on completing your marathon like a champ, from full and half marathon nutrition tips to learning the basics of how to fuel a marathon.

Marathon and Half-Marathon Training Tips

With marathon season just around the corner, factoring your marathon sports nutrition into your plans is vital to a successful race.

Whether it’s your first race or you’re a veteran marathon runner, the nutrition experts at OTE Sports have the answers to all the most common nutrition-related questions to help you realise your full potential.

Make sure you’re prepared for your run with our guide to marathons and half-marathons.

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