OTE x Darkwoods Coffee


OTE x Darkwoods Coffee






We’ve collaborated with our local and well renowned coffee roaster Darkwoods to bring you our brand new OTE Coffee Beans. Each recyclable bag contains 250g of freshly roasted whole beans

This is a traditional Italian style espresso with a high quality, elegant and modern Darkwoods twist. Its naturally higher caffeine content makes it the perfect go to coffee before training or to get you up in the morning!

The blend starts with speciality arabicas from South America and India, then finally the very best quality robusta is added in from the award-winning Harley estate in India.

We hope you love our coffee as much as we do.

We’re also very proud to be collaborating with Yorkshire based Darkwoods coffee roasters. Their passion, values and love of good coffee are certainly aligned with ours!! Find out more about them here.



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