Why Would You Choose To Use An Energy Gel?

Orange Energy Gel

It isn't uncommon for people to feel reluctant about using an energy gel. This is quite understandable as they are known to have quite a strange consistency, unlike anything else really in our day to day diets. However this is something OTE have attempted to change.

Let us start by saying that energy gels are by no means essential when it comes to fuelling exercise. Choosing what you want to fuel your exercise and training with is very much down to personal preference. But don’t rule out energy gels yet as they do have their benefits.

Whatย energy gelsย are however is convenient. A reliable form of quickly processed energy, perfect for when energy demand is high.ย 

But why is the energy so quickly absorbed compared to say a banana?

OTE energy gels are made up of multiple energy substrates (different types of sugar) which means the energy has multiple pathways into the body. Roughly you are looking at 10-15minutes before the energy from a gel is in the system and ready to be utilised. This is because its ingredients are so simple (just sugar) and easily processed, unlike things like bananas and flapjacks, which still supply energy but are harder for the body to break down.

Anย energy gelย is best consumed when:

  • Fatigue sets in and you need energy fast
  • Intensity is high and you may struggle to chew normal food
  • ย The terrain or course only allows small periods of time in which to take on board fuel

It is important to remember that not all energy gels are an equal. They can be different sizes, contain different ingredients and are designed for different purposes. It is always worth fully understanding the content of a gel you are going to use.

Our OTE energy gels have been carefully designed to taste great, but also deliver in the function department:
1. Our gels deliver 20g of carbohydrates in fitting with the OTE Energy System. This means the gel can deliver 20-30 minutes of energy when exercising at a moderate to intense pace.
2. We use real fruit juice concentrate to make the gels, giving them their natural fruity flavour. We do not compromise with ingredients, meaning our gels are much kinder on the stomach.
3. OTE gels contain both carbohydrates for energy and electrolytes to replenish salts lost when sweating.
4. The almost liquid like consistency of the OTE gel means that they do not need to be consumed with water.
5. Unlike any other gel, we have a Dual Delivery System. This mean our gels have two ways in which they can be opened. You can tear to gulp or tear to sip.

Energy gels donโ€™t have to be the only way you fuel your exercise but can used to give you a real boost when you need it. We would always advise having a fuelling plan before taking on an event or competition and energy gels can be a very valuable part of this.