Starter Multipack


Starter Multipack

Save 30% with this great value starter pack. It’s the perfect introduction to our OTE range.




In our Starter multipack you will find: *

  • 1x Energy Drink Sachet
  • 2x Energy Gel
  • 1x Caffeine Gel
  • 1x Hydro Tab
  • 2x Anytime Bar
  • 1x Anytime Protein Bar or Protein Bar (stock dependent)
  • 1x Duo Bar
  • 1x Energy Chew
  • 1x 500ml Drinks Bottle
  • 1x Drawstring Bag

Whether you’re new to the world of sports nutrition or OTE Sports as a brand, we recommend our Starter multipack as the best place to start. This great value multipack allows you try the core of our award-winning range to find out which products are right for you.

*Flavours of products and colour of drinks bottle included in this starter multipack are stock dependant.


Let’s take a deeper look as some of our standout products:

Our Duo Bars are developed by professional sports nutritionists, based on the race food used by World Tour cycling teams. Each DUO Bar is pre-cut into two equal pieces with each piece delivering 20g of carbohydrate, so you know exactly how much fuel you are taking on board. They come in a choice of two delicious flavours, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Our Energy Gel has been designed to provide quick release energy during exercise. Also, they contain electrolytes to help replace the salts lost during sweating. So, one gel provides you with 20g of carbohydrates, which is enough energy for 20 minutes of moderate to intense exercise. We have also designed a dual delivery system for our energy gels. You can tear to gulp the gel, or tear to sip.



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