Pink Fluro Hup Hup Drinks Bottle 500ml


Pink Fluro Hup Hup Drinks Bottle 500ml

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Brighten up your winter with our new pink fluro bottle with our Hup Hup design.




You won’t be missed this winter with our new Pink Fluro HUP HUP 500ml Bottles! These high visibility bottles are bright enough to be seen from a mile off and almost appear to glow.Β  Great for through those dull, dark winter days where visibility is very important.

Although you might want to upgrade your Pink Fluro HUP HUP bottle to the HUP HUP hydro bundle, that includes 3 hydro tubes in a variety of flavours. This bundle also saves you 25%. Take a look by clicking HERE.

All our OTE bottles are easy to fill and clean, fit standard bicycle bottle cages. Dishwasher safe and 100% BPA Free Bio-Bottle.

Our OTE Energy Drink is the perfect product to add to your HUP HUP bottle. They have been designed to provide the carbohydrates to provide fuel during exercise and electrolytes to help replace salts lost during sweating and aid rehydration. Two scoops from the bulk pack or one sachet can easily mix with 500ml of water. This provides you with 40g of carbohydrates, which is enough energy for 40-60 minutes of moderate to intense exercise.

The natural flavour provides a refreshing fruity taste that is easy to consume anytime during your workout. We have also designed our energy drinks to be pH neutral. This means they are kind on the stomach to help eliminate any stomach upset that can be associated with using Sports Nutrition.


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