Rachel Williams – The Growing Love For Running

A few years back youโ€™d mainly find me in the gym lifting weights and Iโ€™d run occasionally.


I loved Obstacle Course events, Total Warrior was a yearly thing (everyone should do this at least once, itโ€™s great fun). Iโ€™d say I dabbled in running, Iโ€™d enter the odd road race, no real training or any clue what I was doing but I liked trying to improve each time and setting myself new goals.


I ran York 10 mile two years running, and then entered The Yorkshire Marathon the following year to raise awareness for people living with COPD (something close to my heart). So I’d say around May 2021 is really where my running journey became more consistent.


I joined Northowram Pumas running club after the marathon in October 2021 to help with my winter training as Iโ€™d booked another marathon (because it was a love/hate with the first). Then spring hit and the club introduced me to trail runs, these are becoming more and more my thing. I have a passion for hiking so now Iโ€™m trying to combine the hikes into trail runs and I love it, love exploring, I just wish the hills would get easier!

What have you learnt and achieved during your sporting journey?

Hard to pinpoint, Iโ€™ve picked up so many things over the last couple of years, I love soaking up knowledge from other runners. I surround myself with people that inspire me, it keeps that fire burning for me to push on and do my best.

Of late, I’ve finding a love for endurance running. My highlight from last year has to be joining the 100-mile club at Endure24 and finishing on the podium made it a whole lot sweeter. Something that will stay with me for a long time.

However, to keep the enjoyment going I’ve leant that my running has to work around me and my daughter. I work full time so I generally run on evenings, I occasionally do the odd morning but Iโ€™m not a morning person ๐Ÿ˜‚. My daughter dances, so I utilise that time. Otherwise my parents are a huge help for Sunday long runs and races.

Rachel Williams – The Growing Love For Running — OTE Sports

Nutrition and Fuelling for Training and Racing

I use the Super Carbs drink, Lemon and Lime is my favourite for my training and long runs. I use this during ultras as it gives me the extra carbs easily, itโ€™s easy to drink and gentle on my stomach.

Super Gels for fuelling races and long distances. Tropical is my favourite hands down! I use the Standard Gels for training runs too.

Anytime bars are my go to, Lemon drizzle, and Raspberry White Choc are my two favourites. I have these on long trail runs or when me and my daughter go hiking. Lethal buying the boxes though as they come to work as snacks ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Hydration tabs, the Pineapple ones are delicious and I have these most days.๐Ÿ

For recovery, I add the Chocolate protein into my porridge and yoghurts, as well as have a protein shake ready to have post run.

Rachel Williams – The Growing Love For Running — OTE Sports

Any mistakes made/ lessons learnt, in terms of training or nutrition?

Going out too fast at the start of a race and realising I donโ€™t need to run as quick as I can all the time!

Nutrition wise I think Iโ€™ve nailed it for training runs and short races now.ย  However, for more Endurance Iโ€™m still working it out if Iโ€™m honest. Iโ€™ve done a few now and each time itโ€™s been different with nutrition intake, experimenting with different solid fuels,ย  Iโ€™ll just keep tweaking as I go. Hopefully one day itโ€™ll click.


Do you have any training or nutrition tips you want to share with others?

Iโ€™m no expert but the one thing I feel helps is make the most of the highs and lows, running canโ€™t always be perfect or weโ€™d never improve. Make note and use the info to implement changes next time.

Nutrition – I train with what I plan to have on race day then my body is used to it weeks before and comes as no surprise on the day (hopefully).

Rachel Williams – The Growing Love For Running — OTE Sports