Monthly Supplement Pack


Monthly Supplement Pack

Save 18% with this great value pack that keeps your OTE Supplement stores topped up each month.




Keep illness at bay when you’re training hard with our Monthly Supplement Pack. This pack has been specially designed to tick off all your supplement needs in handy monthly servings. Together this product can not only enhance your health but also your sporting performance. For athletes constantly travelling, these products can provide a piece of mind that all is being done to maintain peak health.

This pack contains:

  • OTE Super Greens
  • OTE Omegas (60 capsules)
  • OTE Health and Immune (120 capsules)

Our Supplements are best taken alongside a healthy balance diet and should not use as a replacement.


Product insight:

We all know that we should eat more fruit and vegetables but what a lot of people do not know is that vegetables with a high level of green pigmentation (chlorophyll) are alkalising. OTE Lime Super Greens provide a rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that help to alkalize and maintain a healthy gut. Each 390g bulk pack contains 30 servings.

Health & Immune has been developed to be used during periods of heavy training, also stage racing and travel. It is at these times that we are most at risk of picking up illness. The capsules contain functional ingredients such as probiotics, to help to maintain gut health and function, as well as pine bark extract, a powerful antioxidant that helps blood flow.



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